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Jones Design Studio is Oklahoma’s First JUST™ Organization

November 22, 2016

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Architects Advocate: Action on Climate Change

January 20, 2017


JDS supports the initiative of Architects Advocate to stand up for healthier and livable communities affected by the negative impacts of climate change. JDS signed the open letter to then President-elect Trump delivered on January 16, 2017, encouraging him to continue to address climate change and enable firms like JDS to make a positive impact in our community and around the world. At JDS we share the values and goals of Architects Advocate. We encourage other firms to join us in standing up for our environment.  



President-elect Trump,


As American architects, we are dedicated to creating healthy, productive, and safe communities for all. We are committed to doing so in a way that is economically viable, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable. In these communities, families and businesses thrive.


Throughout our great history we have always depended on the natural environment. It has nurtured us and has enabled vast freedom, growth, innovation, and profit. Today we are already experiencing the potentially irreversible negative impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. American prosperity is at risk. Our children and grandchildren face the real possibility of our country and world in turmoil.


 Because buildings alone account for almost 40% of total U.S. energy use and 72% percent of U.S. electricity use, America’s architects are on the front line addressing climate change in a meaningful way. Action on climate change is supported across party lines by significant majorities of Americans, including the military and leaders of industry, faith, science, and education.


By taking decisive action now we all can be remembered as historic and courageous actors who helped secure humanity’s future. We can turn our climate challenge into an unrivaled economic opportunity that creates desirable and healthy jobs in rural and urban communities alike.


All Americans win if:


We invest in a clean and competitive U.S. economy that is powered by renewable energy through cost-effective and innovative solutions. This creates jobs and lowers the costs of living and doing business.


We stand up to the influence of special interest money in politics to create a truly level playing field. Subsidies for renewable energy technologies should be equal to the many hidden and costly subsidies that support fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Alternatively, all subsidies across all energy sources should be removed in their entirety.


 We re-affirm America’s commitment to addressing climate change through the continued participation in the historic Paris Climate Agreement.


We invite you to join our commitment to developing healthy and prosperous communities, and to designing and building the great America that future generations deserve.


Together, we can ensure our children and grandchildren will remember us with pride.




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More on Architects Advocate and the Open Letter at 




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