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The New Jones Design Studio Logo is Here!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

We recently updated our website and our logo. As our passion has expanded, we’ve worked to visually represent our threefold purpose. So let’s formally introduce our new logo and help you understand the background behind it!

Our Core Values

Jones Design Studio is a women-led design firm dedicated to balancing equity and environmental stewardship. We believe the influence of good design extends far beyond a project’s boundary, and we care about the long-term impact our projects have on our clients’ lives, their communities, and the environment.

​We make all of our decisions based on three core values:

IMPROVE LIVES. We create healthy indoor environments and engaging exterior environments. We educate clients on the impact materials have on their lives.

HEAL COMMUNITIES. We believe in bridging gaps and bringing people together. We focus on design that supports community and reflects the culture of its place.

SAFEGUARD THE ENVIRONMENT. We are experts in sustainable design. We focus on reducing water and energy use, minimizing harmful toxins, and increasing access to light and views.

Our values are reflected in our logo

Our new logo is a graphic reflection of our purpose, core, and passion as an organization. Our purpose has always been set firmly in the bedrock of creating a more sustainable future for everyone. However, today our passion is expanding! We exist to improve lives and heal communities, while safeguarding the environment.

We expanded our purpose in part because we understand the direct link between climate change and equity. Climate change is a crisis that reveals itself in a multitude of ways, but it impacts disenfranchised populations much more than others. This is precisely why we at Jones Design Studio are working to bring about positive change for everyone.

Our new logo reflects this. It uses a bold plus sign and a triangle, which is also known as a delta, and symbolizes change. The entire logo is that graphic representation of positive change.

While you will see us use the plus sign and the triangle or delta in a variety of ways, the most common way that you will see it is the plus sign and the triangle juxtaposed upon each other in the nine square arrangement. The nine square arrangement is representative of all types of communities and people. We will use a variety of colors to represent different occasions, holidays, celebrations, acknowledgments, or frankly, just because we felt like it. We are designers after all!

We’re committed to making positive changes through our work. And we can’t wait to work with similarly passionate people! If you’re driven by a similar purpose, contact us! Let’s work together to create a more sustainable future!



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