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We fulfill the JDS mission by creating change outside the project scope. We aim to surpass expectations and target imaginations. We’re often pulled into projects that are the first of their kind in a market. Our “firsts” enhance our ability to demonstrate our values, acting as an ally to our clients and communities in uncharted waters.


The JDS approach is often unconventional. We listen to goals and apply proven tools in new ways to deliver exceptional results. We are excellent at pairing our clients’ projects with the project delivery method, procurement method, and contracts that meet their goals and address challenges specific to each project. Let us help bring your vision to life.


Our practice is focused in three areas: architectural design, design–build owner advisor services, and sustainability consulting services.

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Our architectural practice affords us the best opportunity to operate at the nexus of sustainability and social equity. Our mission to create change beyond the project boundary has led us to be skilled at firsts—Oklahoma’s first Living Building Challenge contender and Tulsa’s first cohousing community are among the projects in our portfolio.

sustainability consulting

Our sustainability consulting practice spans more than 100 successful projects. We are experts in the implementation of sustainable strategies toward third-party certification and federal sustainability requirements. Our goal is to maximize operational cost savings and the benefit to the environment while operating within a given budget.

DESIGN–BUILD owner Advisor services

We are a nationally recognized, award-winning partner for owners seeking to implement the Design–Build Institute of America’s (DBIA) Design-Build Done Right™ Best Practices. As owner advisor we help control project costs and increase value by fostering innovation.


Architecture is full of industry-specific terms and jargon. Below you’ll find explanations for the italicized terms used throughout the JDS website with which you might not be familiar.

BUILDING ENVELOPE     The pieces of a building that separate the conditioned interior from the elements outside—walls, roof, windows, etc. 

GLAZING/GLAZING SYSTEM     Glazing is a fancy word for windows. A glazing system refers to the whole window assembly (frame, sash, any operable pieces) in addition to the glass.

POTABLE     Potable water is water that can be used for drinking, cooking, and washing.

PROGRAMMING     The process of identifying space characteristics for a project—space use, size, acoustic requirements, important adjacencies, views, etc.

RESILIENCE     Often used differently depending on the context, at JDS resiliency is about a community’s ability to bounce back socially as well as environmentally. Whether it’s a sudden flood or the degradation of a structure over time, destruction of the built environment can have many types of consequences and we try to take them all into consideration. The better we can equip our clients to prepare for the worst, the more resilient their community will be.

XERISCAPING     A method of landscaping that results in a significant reduction—and in most cases, a total elimination—of irrigation.

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