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Which Project Delivery Method is the Right One for You?

This is Part Six of a six-part series on Project Delivery Methods. We want to arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions to set up your project for success. Throughout this series, we’ll be deep-diving into the project delivery method, selecting your team, and what contracts you’ll need.

We’ve talked about four main project delivery methods: Design-Bid-Build, Construction Management Multi-Prime, Construction Manager at Risk, and Design-Build. Now let’s pull it all together so you are set-up for success!

It’s time to choose your Project Delivery Method!

While you’re considering which delivery method to choose, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself and your architect. Focus your questions on owner control, owner relationships, the project budget, the project schedule, and risk.

Question 1: How much control do you need over the project details and outcome?

Look at what your needs are. Do you need to control the prime contractors? Or can you allow a general contractor, or a construction manager, or a design builder to do that for you? Are you willing to empower more innovative solutions from your design team? Is there a desire for design excellence?

Question 2: What relationships do you desire?

Do you want a direct relationship with the designer? Do you want to avoid adversarial relationships?

Would you rather integrate the contractor into the design process or keep them separate?

Question 3: How flexible is your budget?

Do you have the ability to change orders and adjust to any hidden costs that pop up? Or do you need to establish a budget at an early phase in your project and then set it?

Question 4: How flexible is your schedule?

Do you need to meet a project completion date? Do you have the ability to fast track your schedule? Is the project duration critical to the success of your project? How important is it that you avoid disputes and claims that cause delays?

Question 5: How much risk are you willing to carry?

Do you have the ability to change orders and make timely key decisions? Do you have the ability to reduce the gap between the services?

You don’t have to make the choice alone!

Each project will have a different answer, and it's important that your architect help you with that conversation. We would encourage you as an owner to have this conversation with your architects. Together, look at your schedule constraints, cost constraints, risk assessment, risk aversion, and the amount of control that you want to exert over your project. And then evaluate which project delivery system may work best for your project.

At Jones Design Studio we are committed to having this conversation on every project we take. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we can help you make the best decision for your project!

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